In Professor Lopez’s class “Writing Across the Media” my classmates and I were required to produce different kinds of projects during the semester. Some of these projects are based on the same topic, while one of them was detached from the basic argument of my blog. The first assignment was the blog in which I have posted twelve blog posts. The other projects were the PSA script, the podcast script, and the press-kit. Even if most of the assignments were about the same topic, they were developed in different ways, according to the kind of project and the audience they are supposed to reach. In fact, they differ in tone and techniques of writing. In fact, the blog about Game of Thrones is in some way generic in order to reach a wide audience and to not stay limited in the plot of the show, for example. The tone in the posts is colloquial and familiar, because I wanted my audience to feel comfortable and enjoy while reading. The PSA script is the only project that is not connected with the blog topic. In fact, I decided to show the dangers of pollution by focusing on a very common and underestimated gesture: throw cigarettes on the ground, in parks, avoiding the ashtrays or trashes present in many parts of many cities. The third and fourth assignments were both based on the main topic followed in this class, Game of Thrones. First, I divided my podcast script in three sections: an interview, a review segment, and an editorial segment. For the interview, I have imagined the existence of a young girl expert in what could happen in the next seasons of the show. In the review segment, I have focused on the most astonishing elements of the last episode released. In the editorial segment, I have made a polemic discussion about the waiting time for next season, but explaining the reasons of this delay. In this project, the podcast, the tone is again similar to the blog one, because it is colloquial and familiar, talking directly to the public. The third project is the press-kit for an event in which the first episode of the next season will be projected in a cinema for the tv premiere. The media outlet I addressed to is an Italian tv channel specialized on tv series, mostly drama series. The channel in on Sky, it is called Sky Atlantic and the new manager is Antonio Visca, who I wrote my letter to. In the cover letter the tone is more serious than in any of the other project; while in the press release it becomes again more colloquial. Overall, all these projects and all the troubles to find time to write so many things in one semester helped me a lot not only in developing my writing skills, but also in managing my time in order to write everything. My writing skills has developed in what concerns developing more informal texts compared to what I am used to write at university; scheduling the time for writing helped me giving a order to my assignments.


Log line: The PSA “Do Not Intoxicate Our Earth” focuses the attention on the dangers of mistreating our environment in a different way than usual: throwing cigarettes on the ground is very dangerous and can be easily avoided.

Treatment: The PSA starts with a “presentation” of the park. Trees and green grass transmit serenity and peace. Children play and some people jogging, while others are sit on the grass. There is also a group of friends in the park: they are young and all of them are sit or lying on a colored towel on the ground. To understand what they say is impossible because of the noise of the many people in the park, but they are clearly chatting and laughing. One of them is Roberto, who is smoking a cigarette; after having inhaled the last pull, he throws the cigarette away, on the grass. The cigarette remains on the ground, and other cigarettes soon join it, appearing one after the other, filling all the park. In this way, in only few seconds, they flood the entire park, which is now “made of cigarettes”. Now to see the grass is impossible and the green is almost disappeared. When it is only a “park of cigarettes”, there is a rewind of the last few seconds, which stops at the moment before Roberto throws the cigarette. Here an alternative version of the story starts, in which Roberto inhales the last pull and his friend Chiara gives him an empty pack of cigarettes, saying: “Please throw it here!” . Roberto smiles at her and takes the empty pack she gave him; accepting hesitantly his friend’s advice. The sentence “Respect your Nature. Respect your Earth. Do not intoxicate it. Take Back Rome” appears on a green background and is read by the voiceover.



Log line: The first episode “Podcast of Thrones”, called “Season Seven, What to Expect” analyzes the upcoming season 7 with theories, expectations, and recalls to the last season.

Treatment: “Podcast of Thrones” is the title of a podcast made to analyze all the different aspects of the tv series “Game of Thrones”. This specific episode is called “Season Seven, What to Expect” and is focused on the more delicate argument for the fans right now from different points of view: the theories and the confirmed news for the upcoming season.



The press kit is composed by three parts: the cover letter, the press release, and the background information. I was supposed to create the press kit for an imaginary event about the topic of the blog. The event I imagined was the screening at the theatre of the first episode of season 7 next summer. In the cover letter I referred to the manager of the Italian channel Sky Atlantic inviting him and/or some of the reporters to the event. In the press release, I explained all the details about the event itself, as the address, the date, and the price. Finally, in the bio, I gave the background information about the decisions taken in the organization.