Understanding Prophecies

All the hidden and clear prophecies and vision in Game of Thrones can be easily used as tools to get those information that you need to really understand the story (and to know something more). Aren’t you curious?


Game of Thrones Tour

To represent the wonderful places of Game of Thrones, wonderful places are needed. Here they are, also as ideas for your next holidays.

5 songs to help

There is a connection between Coldplay, the Red Nose Day, and Game of Thrones. And here it is.


Emmys 2016: Game of Thrones showed its superiority over other series

How the series and the cast achieved the record of 38 Emmys in six seasons, breaking the records.


Game of Thrones’ Opening Mania

The opening sequence of Game of Thrones is amazing, as the tv series is. It has become so famous, and appreciated by many and many people all around the world. Remakes, curiosities, and possible reasons for this growing mania.