My passion for Game of Thrones did not start since the beginning of the series, I had to wait for years for the courage to begin watching the series that now is one of my “obsessions”. I know it is a strong word, but you are fan as I am and you should know that sort of dependence that it creates. I imagine that everybody who, like me, fall in love with Game of Thrones became obsessed with it. Since the firsts episodes that I have watched, I became almost addicted to the series, to the characters, to the places, and even to the actors. I wanted to know everything about the show, and the things I’ve discovered through the time and that I have found as the most interesting are the ones I will cover in the blog. They are information about the show itself and about the characters, curiosities about them and about the actors, news about the next seasons, and funny posts in which everybody can discover something new about our or fantastic friends. Because I spent, and I still spend, time finding always the new information about it, and I think I must share them with people like me.


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