When art met trend


The word “art” has many meanings. During the history of the world many things have been defined with the word “art” and in our society creativity is always more incited and new kinds of art born every day in every place with different and amazing ideas. Cinema is art. Photography is art. Painting is art. Drawing is art. Fashion is art. Graphic is art. Someone could say that everything is art.

Trend is what moves masses. And Game of Thrones can be considered a trend, in connecting different people of different ages and different lives with a common interest.

Game of Thrones can also be considered as a kind of art.

Let’s say Game of Thrones is the kind of art that is also a trend: it is visually beautiful and the ideas and stories behind the series shows what makes Game of Thrones the perfect example of this.

Someone got all the meanings behind the show and behind its characters. The great artist Mike Wrobel has used his own art to create the modern versions of the characters of Game of Thrones. This young artist has become famous online, sharing and selling his creations in the web. He makes visual art and he often takes as subjects famous people or characters of the most important shows. He offers his own perception to the trends. Between these works of art you could find Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister, Ygritte and more of them. Why are they dressed in that way? This is because this genius guy has released a super very cool looking and retro looking versions of many of the characters of Game of Thrones. In order to achieve his plan, he imagined these characters as placed in the 80s and 90s, and depicted them as they became in his own imagination. Some, if not most, if not all of them are perfectly tailored to match the character’s personality and characteristics. A very funny and effective example of this is the Bran Stark version, wearing an X-Men The Animated Series t-shirt depicting Charles Xavier, which recalls the disability they have in common. Another example is Jaqen H’ghar as Batman’s villain Two Face. Ramsay Snow (Bolton) wears a t-shirt that communicates his nature by stating I Am a Sadistic Psycho; a White Walker is eating a popsicle. Beside those in which there are specific, obvious, and clear elements recalling the character’s personality, the outfits and attitudes of all of them are generally connected with these.

Let’s meet all these new versions together in the sliding gallery that follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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