Christmas is coming


December has just begun and, exactly like every year, this time between the 8th of December and Christmas goes very fast. So, it is already time to think about what to give to your family and friends, those who love like you Game of Thrones. It can seems a little bit confusing, but you will see how many Game of Thrones gift you can donate. These are for everybody, every kind of people, of every age, and every style. Scroll this page and discover which new and amazing product you can use for your next Christmas gift!

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Those who are fans of both Game of Thrones and knitting will appreciate and love this Winter is Coming knitting yarn bowls, created by LennyMud. While you will knitting during those winter days and nights relaxing on your couch, these can keep your yarn tidy and represent your love for the Starks at the same time. LennyMud does not only there creative kind of stuff, but also offers this “Tea is Coming” teapot and teacup.

Following this winter style, we all know that everybody must have, and WEAR, an ugly Christmas sweater. And here it is! The Ho Ho Hodor Christmas Sweater, sold on, will be your ugly but amazing Christmas sweater.

For your Christmas party, there are also items that can add to your dinner a Game of Thrones style. This is not actually Game of Thrones merchandising, but fits perfectly in line with it. The ThinkGeek Dragon Cake Pan shows a dragon with her tail curled around three eggs. You don’t need to be a professional baker to create something extraordinary for your next Game of Thrones watch party if you have dragon cake. And for your drinks, Ommegang makes a new Valar Morghulis/Valar Dohaeris gift pack. It is not the only one created, the others include the most important houses and characters of the show: the Targaryen Stemless Wine Glass Set of 2, the Lannister Pub Glass, and the Three-Eyed Raven Glass.

These are only few of the many amazing gifts for the lovers of Game of Thrones. And, as you see, there are gifts for every kind of people. In fact, we have seen many and many times in this blog that many different kinds of people love this show. Are you still thinking about the next Christmas gifts? I have already decided to who give these gifts.

For many gifts look in the links, there are many different styles for every item I have just presented.




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