the two new throne rooms


Searching in the web, it is possible to find any kind of things. Everybody, when traveling, use to post the pictures of the places they visit. Also a guy who decided to share the pictures of his trip in Northern Ireland, who also decided to share the pictures of when he visited the Titanic Studios Game of Thrones in Belfast.

Of course, we cannot say that usually to find spoiler images is impossible, but this time I can say we have been lucky enough. Not all of us, maybe. I’m sorry for all of you who do not want to know anything about the upcoming season; but I think it could be better for you to live this post. Even if they are amazing!


We have been lucky of finding the images of two new throne rooms. Or we have to thank that guy who posted them. Anyway, the first throne room is a set we already know but that has been essentially and significantly changed. The second one is completely new and really amazing.


The first one, the adapted set is the location of the Red Keep’s throne room. Last time we saw the happenings in the Game of Thrones’s world, Cersei Lannister was queen regnant of the Seven Kingdoms. Because of the Lannister’s control, the Iron Throne room has been changed. The long window above the throne has always been there, but now, instead of the seven pointed star, it is adorned by a lion to provide dramatic lighting and make the throne look imposing. Clearly, after what Cersei did in the sixth season’s finale we could not expect that she would keep the star.

If you are amazed for the adapted set, wait to see the new one, it is much more incredible.


If you do not recognize this place, do not worry, it is understandable, because this set is entirely new. It is the most exciting spoiler picture we have seen until now. But there is something that makes us understand what this place will be. Don’t you have the impression it has something to do with Daenerys? Well, it has. These rock formations are very similar to the real ones in Zumaia’s Itzurun beach. These, together with some props that embellish the site, are the perfect representation for the Dragonstone Throne Room, where Daenerys will sit as her ancestors did.


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