Halloween is coming and the perfect costume for you should be one of the Game of Thrones outfits, why not? Our beloved characters, during the six first seasons, have been all perfectly dressed, and you should dress like one of them.



Let’s start with one of the most favorite characters by the fans: Daenerys. If you are so lucky to have long light blond hair, to perform this character would be very easy; anyway, you can also use a wig or color your hair. Moreover, to be the Mother of Dragons you only have to wear a long white dress and jewelry made of horn or steel.

Also the reproductions of her typical accessories have been created to help this costume.

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Some necklaces have been created on the examples of those worn by the character. As a shoulder dragon prop that will take your costume to the next level. You would never be a credible Mother of Dragons without your own dragon.

To be even more credible you could work on your behavior: act confident, and assert your status as Mother of Dragons if provoked.



Jon’s outfit is very simple. You only need to wear a big fur jacket over a dark colored battle gear and boots. Also in this case, you would be lucky for having curly black hair; if not, also in this case, you could wear a wig. And, of course, you have to carry a sword. According to acting more credible you should be brave but intimidated by women.



This costume is in some way similar to a classic skeleton costume. In fact, what you can wear is a skeleton print pajama and a white wig. For the face, you can paint your it white or wear the mask. Also remember to bring a toy sward and to glare at people menacingly.



To interpret this character you have to wear lots of fur with gloves and a bow and arrows. The hair has to be red and half of it pulled back. Remember to repeat to everybody they know nothing.


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To interpret Arya Stark you need a long sleeved brown tunic over brown pants and carry a sword. You also have to act as you are not afraid of anything.

If you want to dress like the Arya Stark as blind beggar, you have to wear ragged clothes, and a shawl. You also have to find contacts that make your eyes white and use accessories. Obviously you should act as you were blind.


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To dress like Melisandre is not so hard. You need a long red wig, a long red dress and and a choker. The only thing you need to do, acting, is to tell constantly to people that the night is dark and full of terror.



For this character you only need a hooded gray robe with a rope as belt. If you want you can also bring masks with other faces to change periodically, though it would be annoying (for example, during a party). Remember to always use the third person talking with people. For example, “a girl” or “a boy”.



This costume needs a quite difficult work. You need to work on both the dark and elaborated dress and the make up.You have to paint your face and upper body to create the strong veins and use creepy contact lenses.


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