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Which is the connection between the Coldplay, the Red Nose Day, and Game of Thrones?

Of course if you are reading this post you all know the show we are talking about (Game of Thrones). And I imagine that you also know the famous British rock band Coldplay. But I don’t know if all of you know the Red Nose Day.


The Red Nose Day is a day dedicated to events and activities organized to raise money for charity. It started in the UK, on behalf of the organization Comic Relief (one of the high-profile telethon events held in the United Kingdom).

Now it should be more or less clear what the Red Nose Day is, but I can imagine that the connection between the organization, the show and the band is still not clear.


To support this organization, on the 24th June 2016, Chris Martin and the Coldplay wrote some songs that some lucky famous people had to sing for the Red Nose Day USA. Guess who?

Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), the Kingslayer (Nikolaj Coster-Walda), and many others enjoyed singing, helping the Red Nose Day charity raising $21M. They spent time singing and working with the band, and the result is amazing, and the songs are really catchy and brilliant.

Red Wedding

Schermata 2016-09-29 alle 11.46.57.png

Coldplay made the soundtrack for the shocking episode Red Wedding and the lyric is a revisited “description” of the bloody wedding, many of the actors sang it

Jon Snow’s Wildling


Chris Martin gave Jon the opportunity to sing his love song to Ygritte, who prematurely died in the show, but survived in real life.

Tyrion Lannister’s Still Going Strong


Tyrion’s song is all built around the concept of his superiority over the other characters, joking on the fact that many important characters of the series died, while he is still alive and becoming one of the strongest and more powerful characters.

Daenerys Targaryen’s Rastafarian Targaryen


The lyric of this song is not about real episodes of the show, it is more a description of the character, her long name and her dragons.

Jaimie Lannister’s Closer to Home


This is no more than a love song dedicated to Cercei and to their “familiar” love, with references to his hand lost and their child lost.

Really, online is possible to find only one full video of 12 minutes and some videos of the same moments. I have watched 12 minutes and then I felt sad for not having found more videos. I don’t like all the Coldplay’s songs, but I think this project was very funny. And moreover it was brilliant to achieve the purpose of the Red Nose Day.

Unfortunately the musical has been cancelled.



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