Game of Thrones’ Opening Mania

Many and many people love Game of Thrones; it is one of the most watched tv series at the moment all around the world. As the show, everybody can’t do without loving the opening sequence. Both the theme song and the visual construction of the kingdom are amazing. We can appreciate for almost two minutes a beautiful piece of music of Ramin Djawadi, relaxing and admiring a hypnotizing creation, the Seven Kingdoms.

Because of the love, and the mania that came with it, other remakes, or if you prefer “parodies”, of the sequence has been created.

The Simpsons

The Game of Thrones opening has inspired, between the others, Matt Groening. The cartoonist of the historic animated sitcom that always change the opening sequence, using some common elements, characters, in different contexts, used one more time his imagination to produce a brilliant creation.

Super Mario

The sequence had some kind of effect also to the Nintendo, which has also created a Super Mario version.

Italian Cities

Moreover, a brilliant student of the Engineering School of Turin Chiara Sapio (with her team, Manoj Rollo, Filippo Silvestro and Mara Guarneschelli) recreated the opening sequence of Game of Thrones with the main Italian cities. A smart idea, as the creators, brought to astonishing results.

The three versions I’ve just shown have been created carefully, following the original sequence and developing other amazing and surprising versions.

The video of the sequence on YouTube, online from only three years on the GameofThrones channel, has now reached 18.666.483 views. I think that this mania is due to many reasons and, between these, the interesting changings that follow the plot. This shows the attention and the cure given to the creation of this sequence. In many of the episodes the opening is different, even if difficult to notice without paying attention to the details. There are “hidden” signs of the reigns, locations, characters, and modifications of the plot in the episode: on the castles and next to the actors’ names there are the sigils of the houses they belong to. For example, you will remember that in the sixth season Ramsay Bolton took Winterfell. And you will also remember that in the ninth episode, “Battle of the Bastards”, Jon Snow and Sansa defeated him and retook their reign. In the ninth episode, the opening shows the Bolton sigil on Wintefell, in the tenth the Stark’s direwolf went back, for the happiness of all the fans of the series.


In fact, the opening sequence is always different because of three rules that explain why the map doesn’t show always what appears in the episode.

  1. Every episode’s map must contain King’s Landing, Winterfell, The Wall, and “wherever Daenerys is at the moment” – even if Daenerys doesn’t appear in the episode.
  2. The capital of a region is often used as a stand-in to represent the overall territory (it is very difficult to recreate the minor locations).
  3. It is possible to show only a limited number of locations in 90 seconds (duration of the sequence).

Amazing opening, and amazing secrets hidden behind it. This is definitely the most elaborated and most beautiful opening sequence I’ve never seen. 


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